Power BI Custom Visuals Showcase: Top Picks

Power BI, Microsoft’s leading business intelligence and data visualization tool, offers a plethora of custom visuals that can take your data insights to the next level. In this blog, we present our top picks for the most powerful and impactful Power BI custom visuals. Let’s dive in and explore the diverse range of visuals that can revolutionize the way you interpret and present data.

1. Chiclet Slicer Visual

The Chiclet Slicer visual is perfect for filtering and segmenting data with customizable buttons, allowing users to interact intuitively with the data. Its sleek design and versatile options make it an essential choice for data analysis.

2. Bullet Chart Visual

For visualizing performance metrics and comparing targets against actuals, the Bullet Chart visual is a game-changer. With its clear and concise representation, it empowers users to make quick and informed decisions.

3. Synoptic Panel Visual

When it comes to geographical data representation, the Synoptic Panel visual shines. With custom SVG images, you can create detailed and interactive maps that bring your data to life.

4. Gantt Chart by MAQ Software

Managing project timelines has never been easier with the Gantt Chart visual. Track tasks, durations, and progress effortlessly, making project management a breeze.

5. Power KPI Matrix Visual

Visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) effectively with the Power KPI Matrix. Monitor business metrics at a glance and gain actionable insights.

6. Heat Map Visual

Spot patterns and trends instantly with the Heat Map visual. It provides a color-coded matrix that highlights data density, revealing critical insights hidden in your data.

7. Zebra BI Tables Visual

Transform your tabular data into meaningful and compelling tables with the Zebra BI Tables visual. Present complex data in a simple, digestible format for better comprehension.

8. Timeline Storyteller Visual

Tell captivating data stories with the Timeline Storyteller visual. Showcase temporal data in a timeline format that engages your audience.

9. SandDance Visual

Uncover data patterns and relationships with the SandDance visual. This interactive visualizer lets you explore data in multiple dimensions for deeper insights.

10. Play Axis Visual

Add a dynamic element to your visuals with the Play Axis visual. It enables you to create animated data visualizations that highlight changes over time.


The Power BI custom visuals library is a treasure trove of innovative tools that cater to various data visualization needs. Whether you want to create interactive maps, track project progress, or analyze complex datasets, these top picks have got you covered. Experiment with these visuals to elevate your data presentations and make data-driven decisions that drive success.

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